Frequently Asked Questions


Why do you only accept Bitcoin?

We've had our credit card processing accounts frozen on 3 different occasions due to the ad content our users post. This has created a customer service and technical nightmare for us every time as we scramble to adjust. In addition, merchant account providers are completely rejecting sites like ours at this point. We have experimented with other payment methods, and they've all failed or caused issues for one reason or another. Bitcoin is anonymous, fast, and we are never in danger of having an account blocked or frozen.

For this reason, we are only accepting payments in Bitcoin and we have no plans to change this. Support tickets asking for a different payment method will not change the issue. Please learn to use Bitcoin so we can continue the service harmoniously into the distant future.

How do I pay in Bitcoin?

We've setup an integration with Paxful on our Bitcoin checkout and it's actually pretty easy. All you have to do is:

1) Setup an account at Paxful
2) Purchase Bitcoins on their site using whichever method you prefer. Amazon gift cards usually have the best return and are easy to pick up at the store with cash and sell on Paxful.
3) Once you have Bitcoins in Paxful, complete our ad checkout steps and click the 'Use Paxful' link on our Bitcoin checkout page.

Please understand Paxful is just an easy suggestion due to the integration we have setup, but it's not the most affordable way to acquire Bitcoin.

We feel the best method for our customers is to visit a Bitcoin ATM located near you with a mobile Bitcoin wallet and cash. No IDs, names, or logins required. With Bitcoin on your mobile wallet, our checkout is fast & easy.

Was my ad refreshed or published?

You can see the transaction history of your ads by:

  1. Visit 'My Ads' -> View My Ads
  2. Click on a drop down under the 'Manage' column
  3. Select 'Add-on History'

From there you can see the dates of when your ad was published or how many daily refreshes you purchased. You can instantly refresh your ad to the top by making a single daily refresh purchase at any time during the day.

What if the reviews are fake or I receive a negative review?

All reviews are read by admin staff, and we eliminate any review that is abusive, inflammatory, or contains personal/private information about the session. It's recommended that you encourage your clients to post positive reviews so you can improve your reputation and greatly increase your traffic and earnings. Potential clients love to see good reviews.

We occasionally receive requests to have negative reviews removed, but we do not allow providers to pick and choose which reviews they want to keep. There is no way for use to know which review is real or fake. If you would like to disable reviews, you can do this by editing your ad and clicking on the 'Details' tab.

What is the Tip Jar button?

The Bitcoin Tip Jar is a tool to help you pay for your ads. Any tips sent to the Bitcoin address provided will be automatically added to your account as store credit. Some use cases could be:

  1. You’re having a difficult time acquiring Bitcoin for ads, so you have a friend, relative, etc drop some Bitcoin in your jar for ad credit.
  2. A potential client wants you send out additional pics, and you offer to send more pics if they drop a tip in your jar.
  3. You’re in high demand and worried about flaky clients, so you require a tip in your jar for someone to reserve an appointment.
I forgot my password and/or having login issues. What do I do?

On the login screen for each location, there is a forgotten password button. You can click that link, enter your email address, and a password reset link will be sent to your email account.

Follow the instructions from there.

Do reviews contain private information about me or the session?

Reviews are meant to be objective overviews of the body rub or massage session and don't contain any private information about you or the session. All reviews are approved by our admin staff before publishing, and any lewd, abusive, sexual/expletive language is deleted.

How do I post an Ad?
  1. In the menu above, visit the city you'd like to post in under Cities.
  2. On your city site there will be a big pink button at the top that says 'Post Ad'.
  3. Follow the steps from there.
Should I be independent or join a service?

If you join a service they handle a lot of the issues like payment collection, verification, safety, scheduling, etc. But they take a cut obviously. It's really up to the person, some like both. You can always try out working for an agency first and then set off on your own.

How much should I accept for a donation?

The average price range for a 30 min session is $80-$120 and $120-$160 for 60 min. Charging more than that will make you more per session, but you'll earn less overall. It's an important factor to keep in mind. Your main competitor will always be asian massage parlors (AMPs) who charge ~$60 for one hour

Do I have to have a massage table?

That would be best, but many providers just use a soft surface like a bed.

Should I learn massage technique?

Many don't bother with this, but it's highly recommended. Clients know the difference between someone who has studied massage technique and someone who hasn't. The reviews & return visits reflect that as well. We'll be posting techniques and best practices to help you get started in the near future.

Should I verify my clients? How?

You can use a verification service. At least use a 2 call system where you don't provide the address until it's time for the appointment.

How do I get support if I need it?

Once you create a user on your city's site, there will be a support button where you can contact the admin staff.







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